Full Groom

Includes: brush out, bath(2 shampoos), dry, clip and scissor style, nail clip, 

pad trim, ear pluck/clean

Prices from:

small breeds (i.e Yorkshire terrier) £25 -£30

medium breeds (i.e cocker spaniel) £30 - £35

Large breeds (i.e labradoodle) £35 - £45

Brush & Bath

includes: brush out, bath(2 shampoos), hand dry, nail trim, pad trim, ear 


Prices from:

   small breeds £15

medium breeds £20

large breeds £30

giant breeds from £40       


from £5

The prices are from as it depends on the condition of your dog and if it will 

take longer to groom but we can discuss this at your consultation

 beforehand. Please be prompt for your appointment and it you need to

 cancel or rearrange please can you let me know as soon as possible so I can

 free the space for someone else. Thank you very much.

Some happy customers! :)